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Simplified and Easy for 12 hour Shifts + Nights

Effective and Clear

Intermittent Fasting doesn't have to be complicated, and figuring it out shouldn't take hours of research or scrolling til you reach the end of the internet!

That's why I've created a simple and effective program with personalized guidance. To ensure you learn everything, from the basics to the advanced while finding the IF schedule that works for you and your busy shifts!




Sarah is an NP student who was struggling with IF schedules and balancing clinical time, online classes and working 12 hour shifts on nights and weekends.

"Dee helped me find the right IF schedule to fit my crazy life. Health and wellness are important to me and I am so glad I didn't give up on IF.

I have more energy than before and I am finally able to adjust my eating/fasting windows as needed so I can keep going day and night! Thanks so much Dee!"



Ashley's rotating schedule made her feel like IF was impossible, especially when she rotated from days to nights in the same week.

"Thanks to Dee's advice and guidance, I have a schedule that allows me to easily adjust my windows no matter what my schedule looks like.

I'm no longer heading to the vending machine or raiding the lounge for snacks in the middle of the night. And I don't feel slow and sluggish when I flex back to days in the middle of the week. Dee knows nursing, IF, and how to make both work together!"



Leesa found my IF guidance after trying a different IF program that was heavily keto-focused. She had gained weight (nearly 12 pounds) and was feeling sluggish. 

"Thanks to Dee and her personalized IF guidance, I was able to find my energy and shed those pesky pounds while enjoying carbs again.

We found a schedule that worked for me inside the hospital and on my days off. Plus I have a solid nutrition strategy I can continue to use for life. Thank you!!"

How Can I Help You with IF ?

Below are the most common scenarios I help women overcome.

Whether you're just getting started with IF, looking to ramp up your results, or just trying to figure out how to adjust your window with a constantly changing schedule...I'm here to simplify IF and help you solve your fasting problems with easy and effective solutions!

New to IF

You've got questions about IF.

Will it work for me? How do I get started? How do I figure out the timing? What can I eat during my window? How do I adjust my timing?

If you want to set yourself up for long term success but you aren't sure how to get started.

I can help you get started today!

Some IF Experience

You've been following IF for a while, but you aren't sure you're doing it 'right'.

You're working toward your goals, but need some help. You're always hungry. The cravings won't go away.

Something's missing and you're ready to take your results and energy to the next level. 

Let's level-up your results!

Rotating Work Schedule

You're working days, nights, rotating shifts, or a combination of it all...

You're trying to find a way to make Intermittent Fasting fit in your busy schedule, but you aren't sure how to do it.

Look no further! I've got the strategies, suggestions, and techniques you've been looking for.

This is for you!

Learn + Grow Together

We offer a private Facebook community focused on Intermittent Fasting plus 24-hour text message support through Voxer*

Get answers to any question you might have during your IF journey! I'm here for you!

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New to IF


One-Time Payment

  • Our most popular and complete IF plan!
  • A proven, easy to follow strategy. Find your ideal windows and learn how to adjust to fit your busy schedule
  • Designed step by step to reduce confusion and get you started the right way for long term success 
  • Nutrition suggestions and meal ideas with optimizations to maximize results and minimize cravings
  • Strategies for your days off, rotating shifts, weekends and even vacations
  • Two 30 minute Zoom calls, one at the start of your 90 days and one at the halfway point
  • IF shift strategies and examples of fasting windows, including timing and meals
  • Lifetime access and future updates
  • Included: 90 Days of Voxer Text Messaging
  • Included: Access to our private IF Facebook Community
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Private IF Guidance

$129* / month

*Min. 3 Month Commitment

  • Private IF plans personalized for your specific needs
  • Two 30 minute calls each month for questions, feedback, accountability, etc
  • The complete IF strategy to ensure you crush your goals
  • Designed step by step to reduce confusion and get you started the right way for long term success
  • Customized eating/fasting windows to fit your life and busy schedule
  • Nutrition suggestions and meal ideas with optimizations to minimize cravings, increase energy, and boost results
  • Personalized strategies for working out, days off, vacations etc
  • Lifetime access and future updates
  • Included: Voxer Text Messaging & Support
  • Included: Access to our Private IF Facebook Community
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